Muranga MTC Environmental Club

At the Muranga MTC Environmental Club we take action and plant trees for our future. If you want to join, contact us at

The ultimate test of a persons conscience may be their willingness to sacrifice something today for the future generation whose words of thanks will not be heard.

The Muranga Environmental Club is a group of youths at muranga medical school who have come together to conserve the environment. 45 of muranga mediacal schools students have taken an interest in global climate action and are concerned with ever increasing carbon levels in the atmosphere. Also ocean water is increasingly being polluted and desertification is increasing dramatically. While nature degredation is approaching a tipping point, something must be done urgently, sooner than later to lessen the catatrophic impacts of climate change.

So far the members of Muranga Environmental Club contributed towards global climate action in the following ways
⦁ planting trees at muranga school
⦁ cleaning muranga town
⦁ planting trees around muranga water treatment and sewage company
⦁ fact finding mission at karura forest

As we usher in the new government that will take this work foward, we want to challenge other youths by building on the achievements already realised and to come up with new ideas that  contribute to the realisation of the sustainable development goals and more specifically around working on the following key interventions:

⦁ educate households on climate mitigation strategies and environmental education awareness
⦁ planting trees around river mathioya
⦁ involving and working with schools in muranga county in tree planting activities
⦁ make environment more green
⦁ fight bagainst deforestation
⦁ mobilise youths on importance of keeping trees
⦁ being ambassodors of Wangari Mathai

If you want to join, the club is happy to welcome new members. Just contact Brice at and let us know about your dreams and ideas to create a better environment together.