Partner schools

In each of our 27 partner schools, at least one teacher takes care of the project’s progress with the support of the management. These teachers were trained for the project and are in constant contact with our project manager Millicent Atieno Bungu.

Olorupa Primary School was the first school to be equipped with school books about trees. The books arrived in October 2010 and were accompanied by a tree-planting campaign and a new tree nursery. In the subsequent dry season from November 2010 to March 2011, the 250 students fought valiantly for the survival of the seedlings. Because the school is on a hill and the students had to bring water from home to water them. Therefore, in June 2011, a water tank and gutters for the school were funded. In September 2011, the first self-grown trees (450 Grevillea robusta) were planted in a big ceremony as a school forest – a few days after Wangari Maathai’s death and therefore also in memory of her.